Luxury Considerations for 2020 and Beyond

Welcome into a new year and a new decade! 2020. This is a time where most people are already doing their New Year’s resolutions and when people are the most reflective. It’s a time to consider what happened on the past 10 years and what you would like to happen over the next ten. For me, I’d love to have more freedom to do the things I love and take care of the people I love. That’s one of my goals for this decade. I’m also taking time to consider other things, too. In fact, here’s a question for you:

What’s something that’s considered a luxury that you absolutely cannot live without?

The first thing that comes to mind for me is cable/satellite television. The reason is that, as a kid, we never had cable in the house. If I wanted to watch a cable channel, then I had to walk down the street to my best friend’s house. Her father loved the History Channel, so when he wasn’t home, we could watch what most kids and teenagers loved to watch – music videos! Back then, the choices were MTV (when they used to show the whole video, which were like mini movies à la Michael Jackson), VH1 (that was considered for old people aka 20- to 30-somethings), and our personal favorite, The Box.

We loved watching The Box because we could call and request the videos we wanted to see. Actually, we could watch what other people called in and requested because neither of us were about running up the phone bill just to see videos. No one wanted to catch the ass whoopin’ that would ensue when they started charging per video and then per minute while making you hold forever it seemed. That was a luxury to me.

Well, over 25 years later, my serious answer is love. Sounds corny to some of you, I’m sure, but it’s true. During those dark and anxious times of adolescence, music was my solace because it spoke to me. Listening (or watching) Mary J. Blige, Faith Evans and others sing about love and/or the lack of it helped me to shift the focus from my own problems for a while. It gave me a voice while I was seeking and honing my own.

Think about it…

What helps to pull you through some of those dark and desperate times in your life? Loved ones? Friends? Music? Writing? All these options, and more, are really just extensions of love that we all need as we figure out this thing called life. That’s what Savannah was seeking within the pages of Forever and One Day. Her best friend, Ruby, reaches out to give her some real love, but she doesn’t listen. Savannah believes that by having superficial ties and not letting anyone get close to her that she’s protecting herself. This is all a cry for love. She’s so caught up in familial expectations and societal demands that she’d rather accept being in an extramarital affair than address the issue of not feeling loved and accepted. Anything to make her feel as if she’s in control. That’s what leads to her decision at the end of the novel.

Now, for those of you that have stumbled onto this blog for one reason or another and haven’t read the novel, I encourage you to order a copy today through my website, or on Amazon or Barnes & Noble. For those of you who have read the novel and were totally engaged with Savannah but couldn’t understand why I ended the novel the way I did, please pay attention to my blog. Over the course of the next few weeks, I’m going to break down my writing and decision-making process for my hybrid text. To keep up with when I’m posting and to pose any questions, feel free to sign up for email updates to know when I’ve updated the blog. If you have any questions that you would like me to answer, I’ll be happy to do so as I work on the follow up.

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