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Oftentimes, many people interested in writing ask the usual questions. Why did you become a writer? What should I write? Should I bother to publish? How do I go about getting published?

While perusing my Twitter feed, I see these questions often from those who have found themselves in the warm and welcoming Writing Community of indie and traditionally published authors. Sometimes, I offer my two cents if it adds to the conversation. I’d hate to sound as if I’m parroting what has already been said. That could be the academic in me speaking because I want to advance the conversation and not make it circular or repetitive.

I’ll be adding published poet to my indie author credits as three of my poems are featured in the poetry anthology I for INFJ edited by Alexander Wallis and Nicole Wild for BloodRedStar Publications based out of the U.K. (click here for anthology). This collection features poems from authors that identify as the INFJ personality type based on the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (for more info on that click here.) Because this personality type is the intuitive and introverted idealist, I was more than happy to submit my poems for consideration when asked to do so. As one of these rare personality types, we see the world from a different perspective. To be asked to use my poetry to showcase how I view the world as someone who thinks and feels very deeply on an empathetic level, was a real treat.

But…what about the pandemic?!

It’s been noted that because people are having to spend more time at home that they’re reading more. Readers are trying to find things to do to occupy their time and their minds in a healthy way as this pandemic ravages the globe. Even as many countries are beginning to relax or lift stay at home orders, COVID-19 is still claiming countless lives. For many, myself included, reading provides a healthy escape that aids in supporting good coping skills in a time such as this when the collective mental health of all humans is being pushed to its limits. Why not curl up with a good book and use your imagination for good instead of worrying, even if for a short time?

But, for authors who have been published pre-pandemic, especially traditionally, this means no seeing your book on bookstore shelves or doing book signings for a while. Many book tours have been canceled because it is too great a risk for all parties involved right now. While this affects how things have been traditionally handled, even for an indie author like me, it does not mean that you can’t publish anything. There are many ways that this can happen. With the advent of the Internet, blogging, and social media, there is no reason to not publish your writing if you feel you are ready to do so.

It means posting links to e-books or a publisher or author website for potential readers to purchase your work. You’ll have to tweet, post on Facebook/IG, or any other social media sites that would get your work out there. Who knows? Maybe you will attract the attention of someone you never thought possible that could help you take your work and name recognition to the next level. But you’ll never know if you don’t get started.

As scary as these uncertain times are for all of us, dreaming is still free and doesn’t hurt anyone. You don’t have to wear a mask or gloves to start writing or publishing from your home. All you have to do is believe that your voice is important. Maybe your words will help brighten someone else’s world with your light.

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